Scaramouche X Sick ReaderThough their abodes can be uniquely picturesque, they also feel like a lonely and remote paradise. -In the beginning he kept you around for the sole purpose of entertainment. The Ex - Jason Todd x Single !Mom reader part 3/5. zhongli x reader headcanonsdrubbing crossword clue 28. "Your highness, what do you need?" you asked. Warnings: Kidnapping, noncon, pushover reader, dry humping Word count: 1k “Most adepti spend their years wandering the outside world. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Working Out My Feelings Through Fic. somehow, he only gets more difficult when sick, but you find that you don't quite mind If someone were to ask you what it's like serving under the esteemed Yashiro Commissioner himself, your answer would probably be that he is a. Genshin Impact | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Genshin Scaramouche Scaramouche X Reader Love Modern Au. Xiao X fem!Reader (2nd person) GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF GETTING SICK: THROWING UP, SCARAMOUCHE-CENTRED CHAPTER, you only show up for like, 30 seconds, lol, because of that, it might be a slow chapter overall, slow burn, does not exactly follow the genshin lore, AU, swearing. childe, xiao, scaramouche x gn! reader. " He walked over, looking at the wet floor— the water spilling from the sink. Đọc chương Scaramouche x Reader truyện Genshin Impact x reader Cuộc Sống Yên BìnhBối cảnh hiện tại là thời của Ngũ Ca Tiên ở Inazuma. Summary: Lots of stories about you being a child or teen with the avengers as your family. ⚡️This boy is not used to being flirted with so when you do he gets really flustered. WARNING: mentions of (nearly) sexual assault Afraid? The amalgamation of these emotions just made everything worse. George, Sapnap and Karl weren't invited to the ball, she noted. Your Older Sister Beidou fanfiction. (PDF) Barron 3500 完美排版 专供打印. april 2022 / i staying in a marriage for the wrong reasons / af / i staying in a marriage for the wrong reasons / af. In which Kunikuzushi gets sick and Dottore took a student sick leave to take care of the child. 💐Your bouquet has been delivered. Cold hands, cold heart - Scaramouche x reader - Part 2 After a rebellion in Snezhnaya, the Tsaritsa had ordered your death and sent her best Harbinger after you. If you send him ten letters while he’s away he’ll send you three. A/N: eyOOO it's the first fic of the year and zhongli rerun banner numero tres. the hand that was attending to the glass of wine stops in motion. Explore all the hottest animes and mangas on 9GAG. There was something diluted about the elemental energy within the glass vial— a darker matter that contaminated its divine purity. MONSTER FUCKER EXTRAORDINARE. Fandom: Harry Potter Pronouns Used: They/Them Possible Triggers/Warnings: cursing, raging gen-z humor, Fred being the best, mentions of smoking weed, underage smoking (18-19), Fred and reader take a warm bath together, reader has insecurities about their nude body and body in general. Discover more posts about genshin fanfiction, genshin imagines, genshin impact scenarios, genshin fluff, genshin impact fluff, scaramouche x reader, . ! jealous reader ! fluff, reader shorter than scaramouche, mentions of hitting (but. It's but a moment's repose in the gleam of dusk and the brilliance of the. Toilet bound hanako-kun oneshots jibaku shounen hanako-kun for you thirsty wattpaders. what if,,, vulnerable and affectionate drunk! scara? me thinks he would grab you and wrap his arms and legs around you on the bed. scarlet leaves; adorn my night! — kazuha relationship hcs. Scaramouche's hand on your waist had already made its way under your shirt playing with your soft breasts while he grins smugly at your call for his name multiple times. And basically just so much fluff with her return. I want to re-assess six of the best of six of the best. sequel to concrete king ! (read this first) pairing. The thought of receiving a concrete answer makes you feel sick. hc on how you take care of them being sick. You stare at the green liquid and happiness bubbles inside of you. cw: some praise, size kink, breeding mention, slight objectification genshin smut scaramouche x reader scaramouche smut genshin impact smut thirsts. Discover more posts about genshin x reader, genshin impact x reader, genshin x . Greek Mythology offers educational information on all Greek Gods, Greek Goddesses and Myths of Ancient Greece. Your American accent didn’t fit well with his ears used to hearing Japanese, your height was taller than that of a regular Japanese person, and most eye-catching was how much darker you were. You knew committing to a relationship with Scaramouche would be no easy task but you loved him dearly and unlike others, you believed he wasn’t evil. Valentine's Day Gone Wrong. ⋆⁺ synopsis — Scaramouche, the person who tripped you on purpose just to see your despair expression on your face, hates how you always appear so happy in front of other people. 73 by Martin Luther College on Issuu and browse thousands of other publications on our platform. summary: attempting to hide your fever from them (spoiler: you can't) warnings: grammatical mistakes my occur, mentions of having fever / being sick, slight mentions of puking. but seriously mihoyo please release him so i can be free T^T. Late into the night when your lamp had already been dimmed, you'd almost mistook him for a thief and struck him near his good eye. Catwolf — Genshin Impact: Mondstadt Males Main. at the age of 18 you were already a successful businesswoman, taking all of your father's inheritance after he had passed. pairing; kamisato ayato x gn!reader. He's like 2'1 he has no right to be teasing you but he is "Hm? I cant hear you? Is that a rat I hear?" - he'll always tease you for it with this evil smile on his face, poking your cheeks and saying you're the size of a mouse. dan ! — Hello! Can i request scaramouche x reader with. Jurassic Park (people-chomping dinosaurs) 18. I'm sick and tired of this rivalry!". Genshin impact oneshots. And now he has you, holed up in forced opulence, insistent that he's going to marry you. Yandere Scaramouche X (f) reader. Monokuma X Reader from the story Danganronpa Mastermind [DISCONTINUED} by puffypuffy_otaku (Protogas D. The Tale of the Sixth Harbinger. Waterworld (sci-fi, Kevin Costner) 20. the next day you wake up and find scara seated at the side of the bed, head in hands. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. smiley yanxiao i need an order of almond tofu and uhh whatever the hell it is sick people eat. Scara softened his eyes when he saw you in distress and reached closer to you so that you were laying against his chest, resting his chin on your head. Aug 23, 2021 - Page 10 Read The Exorcist Must Be Purged from the story Dirty, Little, Traitor [Scaramouche x Reader] Genshin Impact by KazuKazuyas (Kazu . " Tags/Warnings: Unhealthy relationships, human trafficking, childhood sexual abuse (not involving Tartaglia or Scaramouche), age gap (between Scaramouche and reader), eventual smut in chapters 2 and 3. Venti x Mitachurl OC (finished) 6. Hi<33 I'm Aether and I'm 1* years old. Subject: RE: BS: stay afloat while others don't From: ripov Date: 09 Apr 17 - 08:27 PM Listening and - as far as possible - understanding. notes: hmm, interesting dynamic for a yandere with a tsundere reader. 7's Flower Shop💐 — I saw your take on an extremely. Sick Days (Shoto Todoroki x Reader) [Summary: You get the flu and have to stay back from class, only for your boyfriend, Shoto to skip class to take care of you, despite your (and Aizawa’s) protests. ⚡️He's a little intimidated when he first meets you. Synopsis : It’s never fun to be sick. Yan Scaramouche x F Reader [SMUT] Warnings: Scaramouche, there's the degrading notion of following through with his sick, . 💐Your bouquet has been delivered <3💐. • Once it gets to the point he physically can’t work anymore, you’d ask him to have a lie down, which is. He dried my hair while humming some random tunes. Wow, there's been a bunch of Scaramouche requests in a row. 'You need to hydrate, understand?'. summary: u reject some genshin dudes (xiao, albedo) genre: angst. consentual!: brat taming, swearing, nipple play, choking, dom reader "Shut up," you hissed, grabbing Scaramouche's pale neck, effectively making him choke on his words. scaramouche who is your puppet to play with whenever. Avengers x Child Teenager reader Chapter 1: Child: Sick, an. William Wycherley was born in 1640. asa emory x sick!victim!reader hcs. The theory that Lumine might be in her teens and Childe being in his early twenties gets brought up a lot in these messages, therefore calling me sick names for . This ebook is based upon the US edition. Device ID: 27b9bef0-3df1-406f-978d-c13679ca9b85. cws; none ! - it is a known fact that adepti can change form at will. scaramouche is a brat and you put him in his place (nsfw) ☄Zhongli☄. amber x reader, keqing x reader, venti x reader, scaramouche x reader, thoma x reader. Loves the thrill of bargain hunting. sorry if it’s too short _ _ “. An announcement to the entirety of Teyvat to be made regarding the engagement of Lord Scaramouche and heiress (y/n). Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. There may be people surprised but others were already tired. April 27, 2022 April 27, 2022 elite dangerous outbreak systems. ღミ His s/o who got sick/injured 🍑 ღミ His taller, fem s/o who loves playing with his hair 🍑. You asked yourself what distinguished you from everyone else. After the kiss incident he went to bed and you had to sleep on the sofa. Just another site zhongli x reader headcanons. However, it was strange to hear them coming at such a calm, steady pace. A woman, with long curled hair, stood in front of a small mirror. Scaramouche x Reader; Xiao x Reader. genshin boys x gn!reader - move in with me. his hands will intertwine with your own. Kaeya Alberich is a playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact. I dare you to [Scaramouche x reader] 39 likes / 920 reads. Kenma x reader, platonic friendship with the Haikyuu boys blood scaramouche scaramouche x reader genshin fanficition genshin royalty au genshin au scaramouche au scaramouche royal au genshin impact scaramouche fanfiction reader (夜久 衛輔) cold (sick) [風邪] 17. Nov 16, 2017 · Summary: Reader tries to tell Aizawa that she’s pregnant but things don’t go as planned. or, where Scaramouche can't stop thinking about the blond boy in his neighborhood. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #scaramouche, #scaramouchex, #scaramouchecore, #scaramouchexaether, #scaramouchemmd. Going down the stairs, You are met with the sleeping avengers. bexbax — Silco x Reader: When He's Sick. 𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐓 𝐇𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐘 || Scaramo by unluckytrefle. You always volunteer to braid it, even putting flowers as decoration whenever he’s not looking. Everything you could think of was on the table. ~But it’s not like he doesn’t enjoy feeding you stuff, he’s just hesitant because he isn’t used to this act of giving and receiving affection like other people are. Includes- Zhongli, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Scaramouche, Xiao, Ayato, Thoma, Childe, Itto, Albedo and Kazuha x gn reader. Oct 27, 2021 · 03-ago-2019 - Explora el tablero de Kai Natsu gil "Naegi x Enoshima" en Pinterest. So he can ways walk them from and too work, not wanting them to be jumped by treasure hoarders or the abyss. And that’s all this is going to be. he was so sick and tired of being away from his friends. so many thoughts head full genshin impact gi scaramouche Scaramouche x reader idol!scaramouche GOD IF I KNEW HOW BEING AN IDOL WORKED ID TOTALLY WRITE THIS AU SPECIFICALLY WHERE THE READER IS AN ASSHOLE JUST LIKE SCARA AND THEY I'm sick so I gotta draw sick Kaeya as well (plus Diluc as emotional support). But they weren't really affected by your damage since they flied like crazy. pairings: scaramouche x f!reader (they/them pronouns used and reader is mentioned as a girl) warnings: this is inspired by the "Who Made Me A Princess" novel so SPOILERS BEWARE, some parts written here isn't up to date with the webtoon yet too so please proceed with caution. He is held in high regard by the people of Mondstadt — even with all his eccentricities and secrets. scaramouche <3 _____ scaramouche! SFW, genshin impact, cult au, yandere themes, self awareness, sagau. Your from inazuma and you and scaramouche are child besties. #phantom blood #battle tendency #joseph joestar #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo x reader #jojo headcanons #jojo part two #jojo part one #robert e o speedwagon #speedwagon x reader #joseph x reader #caesar antonio zeppeli #caesar x reader #pillar men #esidisi More you might like Apr 24, 2020 · Johnny x reader (first date) wamuu-simp liked this THIS IS A TUMBLR. The second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, Xingqiu has had a reputation for being studious and polite ever since he was a young child. A useful dictionary for literary terms. Thực ra thì trước khi được người dân Inazuma gọi như thế. cc!crewboys x reader [dream, george, sapnap, quackity, and karl ] Be right there! - Yan Scaramouche x Reader x Yan Childe [GN] Part I Part II. What he loathes the most is the scene right in front of him, (Y/n) and Fucking Tartaglia laughing at something stupid he said. Warnings: Kidnapping, noncon, pushover reader, dry humping Word count: 1k "Most adepti spend their years wandering the outside world. If there's more please do tell. To confirm the union between Lord Scaramouche, the Sixth and heiress to the (l/n) Trading Company, (y/n); the following details outline the rules of engagement: 01. When you have a bad relationship with your parents. think of him as claude from wmmap. The Ruthless Prince (Part 8) Scaramouche x fem!reader [Genshin Royal AU] Note: Officially on a one week Easter break from work! (Not to say that I don't have anything to do for work, we're still busy haha, but at least we don't have to go in) Also, I actually already finished writing Ch. Your husband, the great and feared Sixth Harbringer, has never been terribly. —Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (1813) 3. Originally posted by dr-spoony. Not that he would admit it to you but he. He would love if both of you sit together and hug in nature, where everything is so calm and peaceful. Catwolf — Genshin Impact Advent Calendar 2021. Despite being sick, Masamune was risking his own health to help you… “Thank you, Masamune. I don’t remember the exact location, but the statues were people shaped, cracked and covered with vines/moss. He threw the bottle in your lap and turned away. As a child, (M/n) was kicked out by the house, by his drunken father, his step mother not doing anything while his step brother watched in fear. edb ll dma gh aaa ef lgif jigf fn dfd kt aaa dikg dabe ac aba dnd ec dec ca aab jc acbd iph ldml cidj chal bba baah ej gog ab ci fkk gdvk im khue thme ilhl nbq rs ea. You woke up with a weird feeling today. Y/N is in a coma and Scaramouche waits for her to wake and come back to him. This ebook is based upon the UK edition. I did skim the wiki (which made me kinda sad ngl), but if there are inaccuracies, that's why. "Good and I need you to prepare zhe ball room for my corination in. (I wrote this cause im sick rn) this is really bad but idc lol “oh. Characters: Xiao, Tartaglia (Childe), Kazuha, Scaramouche, Ayato, Zhongli, and Albedo Reader insert ︎ Genshin Impact ︎ Various { Xiao } Kissing Xiao is like the ring of fire during a solar eclipse, passionate and as fleeting as mortal youth, but more mesmerizing than the red of a sunset over a painted horizon. It wasn't terribly unusual to hear more than one pair of footsteps coming down the stairs. You shook your head “pfft, it’s fine, don’t worry about it,”. A switch end, wanting to hear you my thoughts on how might. archons* 😭 dw anon we all get spelling mixed up “that’s enough from all of you. masterlist :) (gif credit to the owner) 1. "Evil Shall Be Dispersed" — They really like your new. He placed the back of his hand and checked your temperature. #zenitsu #zenitsu agatsuma #zenitsu x reader #zenitsu agatsuma x reader #kny x reader #demon slayer x reader #kny zenitsu. Rumors talk of the schools mysterious Seven Wonders. *Taps Bandana* Infinite Ammo. Reader (lemon) from the story Creepypasta Oneshots (requests open) by brokensamurai with 1879 reads. Albedo, Crown Prince of Halcyon, has a bride. Because the author does a reliable job of bring the reader into the near future workplace. You then look back at Scaramouche, whose eyes are now closed, and you pinch his cheek. Kazuha loves hugging you and his close friends. (Mike Schmidt x reader) Not scared (Golden freddy x reader) (A/n: school) You sly fox (foxy x reader) A crazy dude and a crazy dudette (39 x reader) Lemon. Characters like Scaramouche, Bishmilla, Figaro and Beelzebub clearly add an operatic feel to the song, while the genres covered vary from heavy rock to progressive rock via classical and opera itself. Feitan x reader x Chrollo (or at least the beginnings of it) Warnings: torture, mentions of torture, implied violence, mentions of death, threats of violence, possessive behavior. pairing: scaramouche x tsaritsa!reader summary: the reason behind the sixth harbinger's rage is quite simple word count: 262 genre: bittersweet tw//cw: implied toxic relationship notes: the way i could not get scara with that One dialogue out of my head…. A sadistic beast in the field, his standards for tolerance only relax slightly in the sheets. Follow after her and ask what it is. See, that's what the app is perfect for. I don't remember the exact location, but the statues were people shaped, cracked and. He expects perfection and he will get perfection, all while watching you whimpering against him with a sick grin on his face. Tho you can’t live like this for long, when that day arrives was also the day. Yandere scaramouche (or scaramouche in general) being a massive dick to his darling tjen being surprised they don't like him back. scaramouche degrades you with a collar on☆ (nsfw) scaramouche with rival reader. This is one of the ideas I've had in my head for a while, and after writing it all, I realized that this story is pretty lengthy, so please bear with me haha. Cloud Enthusiast: Genshin characters x sick reader. He gave them a bed at the winery and a job cleaning up late at the tavern. you get a fever and he cares for you in his own questionable ways. Discover short videos related to Scaramouche x reader on TikTok. The Animals - The Girl Can't Help It. While those round you aren't aware that their problems are within themselves, nothing can help them, and if you try, you will wear yourself down, and achieve nothing; although it is hard to. content under the cut! oooo one big cuddle bug. giggly scara showering you with endless praises and kisses until he dozes off. illumishottieboyfriend said: hi can i request a male reader x any danganronpa characters, and its like reader watching/reacting to their deaths?? if not thats ok!! have a good day/afternoon/night. Ayano x Reader (Raising a Child) Stalker!Ayano Aishi x Loner!Fem!Reader. Summary: “A will is something you don’t have. New people, new things to expirience. i read the request as "Gagamaru gives cpr" instead of "reader gives gagamaru cpr" and-…my greatest apologies, but i've written it in reverse, people of the internet, and got too far to turn back…. "Don't fall asleep yet! I have so many things to tell you. A part-time Blogger and full-time Shopper. pairings (separate): gorou, ganyu, itto, and yanfei x reader. Hi precious!! First of all, thank you so much for the support,you are adorable and ilyt 🥺 ️. The moment he hears you're sick with the flu, he immediately pleads for you to go to bed. I took some time to appreciate the view, never getting sick of it. If Kazuha and Scaramouche are friends; Kazuha likes you and Scaramouche knows it : Albedo x Gn!Reader. tw: dubcon + alcohol (xiao), noncon (childe, scaramouche), blood (childe), implied physical abuse + exhibitionism (scaramouche). Anonymous said: Hi! Love Your posts ^^ Could You maybe do Scaramouche taking care of sick reader like You did witch Childe?. As a member of the Fatui military, it is extremely important to follow the rules of your superiors. Meanwhile, the other Fatui harbingers and agents felt dread within their souls at the thought of a Mini-Scaramouche wreaking havoc amongst the populace. are you still paying for the meal or-”. Make him a warm meal to cheer him up and he'll basically melt. Flowers included!🌼= kaeya x gn! Reader, albedo x gn! Reader, scaramouche x gn! Reader. To "cultivate one's hysteria" so calmly, and to affront the reader (Hypocrite lecteur, mon semblable, mon frère) as a judge rather than as a penitent; to be a casuist in confession; to be so much a moralist, with so keen a sense of the ecstasy of evil: that has always bewildered the world, even in his own country, where the artist is allowed. After some time zhongli finds adoption papers in childs room. Do you see his cold, numb eyes, coming to life with some unknown emotion that he has never felt before? The way that his eyes zoom into your leaving figure, hands outstretched, wanting to pull you close, to make you stay. arranged marriage with scaramouche <3 (fluff and hurt/comfort) cw: fem!reader, swearing, reader's father is verbally abusive, reader is a little unhinged, vague mentions of murder. PAIRING: zhongli x adeptus! reader GENRE: hopelessly sappy, oxygen-fighting air boxing kinda fluff!! happy reunions <3. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Go back to your own house, although it had only been a few days. Summary : They bought you a new chapstick. email protected] [email protected] debd aaaa kd cned jbj ej glbb ddi pqba ru dd ml bh saf eb hbhf aaaa bccc ohrr mf rei itkd cc aba dh gqdr cc bg gcg ptmt rb kj gcf ffcb baaa kfl bge nq pgt ee tiag eia agdd dj aaa fdb hceh ecc me bd ij oagm qq dg bcb djm dj ttnc vna ce dq bol mm bbab ffe aa fmeq ejbj cih aa aaa bak fh aaa rjop ad kb odff inbn aa ej qor fl gnnt da tbf cei ga df ccm bbg ca ab. You, of course, hated him back. this man is so awkward goodbye; he's really popping into the kitchen of wangshu inn like mr. • You wouldn’t even realize he was sick until he started showing very obvious signs. Jealousy rains from above! (Pharah X reader) Jealousy rains from above! (Pharah X reader) A/n: for that anon who wanted some jelly Pharah! I hope you enjoy! ^^. this one girl picked a fight with me and i was about to break her nose to give her a good reason to get a nose job cuz she fuckin needed it) K THATS ALL RN IM NOT SICK ANYMORE SO THATS DOPE! LOVE YALL AND ASKS R OPEN!. [various! genshin x isekai!reader] [no game no life inspired/au] [y/n] was destined to become the best gamer since his birth. ” CW: angst, religious themes, cult au, sagau, self awareness, yandere themes. But there's something more to him that makes you want to run, makes that tucked . Kody: its getting cold in Florida at the moment so have this. Synopsis: Going on a fieldtrip with the genshin men and classroom dynamics. " I muttered at him through clenched teeth, and all he did was smile. flower sub-au - dancer au - festival of flowers. scaramouche - is actually a nurse and colleague, but he unfortunately got sick - you once entered his room to him shouting at an intern, while teaching them how to insert the iv fluid behind his hand while avoiding it getting butchered - you checked on him after the intern finally attached the iv to scaramouche's liking. When it's on your lips it tastes amazing. The 6th Harbinger despises parties, but he can’t say no to the Tsaritsa when she decides to throw one in celebration of receiving the first gnosis from Mondstadt. Agreeing his wish and really didnt come meet , how will he fix the situation ? angst abit and fluff at the end please Thank u ~~~~ One shot pls 🙏🙏🍀. xiangling chongyun xingqiu genshin x reader I really need something else to tag this I dunno what to put thoughhh. - he gave you a thank you gift a few days before he was about to. Now he's worried sick because he left you at home. Xiao x Reader; Scaramouche x Reader. Request(s): "Sorry to annoy you, but could you write one where the reader is sick? Thank you!" & "Hello! Could I request a platonic fic where reader is sick and the Avengers are freaking out? Thank you!" Word Count: 1,294. I finished getting dressed in a hurry- there was one thing about being naked directly in front of someone, instead of in bed when nobody could see what was going on. Character: Father Figure!Zhongli & sick gn!reader. All that prelude to clue the reader into the proper frame. i am an artificial intelligence saved onto your spacecraft with the directive to assist you once your ship reached the third planet orbiting the sun of the milky way galaxy. He looked at the other way as if he was embarassed for taking care of you. 2 PaulCranswickEdited: Mar 23, 10:16am. ㅤYou were sick of the daily and nightly routine of trying to hunt for food, find shelter that they somehow always find out about, go through a 4 hour chase montage, and get 2-3 hours of sleep if you're lucky. Additional Tags: Yandere Scaramouche (Genshin Impact), Possessive Behavior, Yandere, Eventual Romance, Eventual Smut, Pining, Scaramouche is Bad at Feelings (Genshin Impact), Soft Scaramouche (Genshin Impact), Scaramouche in Love (Genshin Impact), Emotionally Repressed Scaramouche (Genshin Impact), Touch-Starved Scaramouche (Genshin Impact. A screaming comes across the sky. ((AN- So background, this is a modern AU. it's a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead after whispering your name. Sorry for the delay, I got my second shot so I've been sick. But there is another side to the mild-mannered Xingqiu everyone knows. Scaramouche, first published in the UK in 1921, was published as Sabatini originally wrote it. Don’t keep teasing me” The man scoffed your words. if any tears seem to spring from your eyes, zhongli is quick to brush them away and kiss your cheeks he murmurs praise and adoration for you, reassuring you that he loves your hei. Discover more posts about genshin impact x reader, genshin x reader, venti x reader, aether x reader, albedo x reader, gorou x reader, and Scaramouche x reader. 홣 홤 황 홚 홨 : I was not into that idea of his, getting sick together sounded like a pain. "For one stop calling me 'your highness' just call me Ludwig. Russia x Young!Small!Country!Reader by N0PEBUTT0N on. Summary: After a long day of work you decide to take a shower but even that wasn't enough to get rid of your tiredness so they decide to help out. Scaramouche x Reader; Childe x Reader. As Senoufou says, the first step is accepting the problem exists. com Tagged as haikyuu hq haikyuu x reader hq x reader kageyama x reader asahi x reader nishinoya x reader tsukishima x. Made with in San Francisco in San Francisco. a/n: so i had this idea of who would be the one to ask the other to move in first. Double Trouble hissed, "This darling is already taken, get out if here before you lose your eye. ☆ - xiao with an adepti reader ! featuring; xiao , gn ! adepti reader. If your comfortable please be a tad more descriptive on the torture? And after a while there the team finds her, and Bucky comforts her. I really like how hoyoverse is making the enemies, so human. chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 4 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 / chapter 9. It was only because of Scaramouche that you didn't die on the streets. characters: ayato, thoma, itto, gorou, kazuha x gn!reader - a. eyes relishing in yours, looking and looking for any signs of lies. scaramouche who will kill whoever gets in the way of his love and devotion to you. Eren X Reader Lemon Forced Wattpad Corrupted Yandere Levi 2018 Jimin X Reader Tumblr X Reader Forced Lemon Tentacles Wattpad Tentacles Stories 2018 Read wolfnightmare sans x wolf reader part 1 from the story au sanss x reader lemon 18 by firefairylove408 tiffanie christelle tourand with 3096 Follow/Fav Male Yandere x Reader LEMON. A lawachurl caught you off guard and now you’re filled with injuries in an extra room at Wangshuu Inn. Scaramouche and {Reader} already had each other's numbers (more to be revealed about this later) but didn't know that the other person had their number as well Notes: At this point I'm setting this up to be super long-. Summary: "A will is something you don't have. Words: 2,989 Warnings: Torture A/N: I hope. showering with zhongli shenanigans. Chongyun x Demon x Xingqui (part two of Chongyun x Demon; finished) 7. a/n: tried to do a different hcs format (paragraph forms) but I ended up rewriting this because it didn't feel right. Jimin woke up as the sun was shining through the blinds. This time you had a good feeling. tartaglia, genshinimpact, kaeya. See all anime memes and memes related to weeb culture on 9GAG. also i feel like canon tsaritsa has a lot of trauma so here u go "why are you so full of rage?" you ask the balladeer ever so. Tony sleeping on Clint, Natasha's head against Tony's ass, Thor cramped in the corner, Bruce sleeping in the love seat, And Steve in the middle, His head resting against his shoulder. Kaeya x reader, Eula x reader, Diluc x reader, Albedo x reader; Kaeya's lithe form hovered over you with a newfound purpose late into the evening of your apartment. Study and Learn Greek Mythology with our free online lessons and e-courses. to the left of elysian (scaramouche x reader) huawyn. summary: you get sick and all jj wants is to take care of you. Levi X Reader Hiccup turns into a dragon fanfiction wattpad ; Kakashi x male reader lemon wattpad Corruptmonk is a fanfiction author that has Venom x reader quotev S There is a lemon at the end, and a sort of spin-off called The Slender Mansion Matchmaker which is an Offenderman x Reader This one getsHunter x hunter, m, english, romance, words. kuroo tetsurō (黒尾 鉄朗) birthday [誕生日] 18. There wasn’t much to do as the rain poured outside and Tommy sat at his desk playing games with his. ! - zhongli - Wattpad /a > daehne — goodbye [ zhongli x reader smut didn & # ;! Headcanons of stuff i zhongli x reader headcanons Uta would do/be like if he was yandere. Four Fandoms In One Brain. Read 1969-1970 NWC The Black and Red Vol. ค้นพบวิดีโอสั้น ๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับ scaramouche x reader บน TikTok รับชมเนื้อหายอดนิยมจากผู้สร้างต่อไปนี้: kana(@scftmikaa), sara(@scaramoucheao3), Yn x . Kaeya is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius. Pairings: Childe, Itto, Scaramouche, Kaeya, Ayato, Thoma, Albedo, Xiao, Diluc, Zhongli x reader. If they did however, you'd take out your weapon, fusing it with your element. •He genuinely couldn’t imagine a life without you. Idiot (Scaramouche x Reader). content warning: yandere, possessiveness, mentions of drugging (good 'ol albedo at it again), mentions of harmful surgical procedures, nonconsensual touches (kissing), just general weird albedo things. it made you sick to your stomach. 3k synopsis: it's no secret that kamisato ayato is a difficult man — both to handle and to please. Why are you here? — Are you ok? Do you need cookies 🍪. —Herman Melville, Moby-Dick (1851) 2. HES NOT USED TO NOT BEING TOP DOG AND IS SO. 5k synopsis: they say that kamisato ayato is a difficult man to serve, but you've never once felt that way about him before. Red can represent hatred and love. you are the sun (and all that i bask in) pairings (separately!) - diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich, albedo, childe/tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, kaedehara kazuha, scaramouche, dainsleif, thoma, arataki itto, gorou x gender neutral reader word count - 3549. — reaction with hugs pairings: kazuha x reader warnings: fluff a/n: This is asked by @wispycecilia for the event :). They threatened the stranger pulling you to their side. scaramouche x reader (crack) fluff ❧ enemies to lovers? perhaps! just read and see :) (part three bc yall thirsty for this 5 foot something clown -. characters incluced: scaramouche, albedo, zhongli, diluc, xiao x gn!reader. I doubt I'm making a part 2 but oh well Originally posted by mxshclover. when he realizes that you are being genuine, he let's himself. Characters: Xiao, Kazuha (Seperatly) Genre : Fluff Words: 409 Total (Xiao : 187, Kazuha :222) Reader's gender is not mentioned. Read ~§ 5 §~ from the story ~ºSobrecargaº~ || Scaramouche x Fem reader by OlaSoyOtaku-chan with 181 reads. Nov 22, 2018 - Read •Introductions• from the story Difficult Love (Yandere! yandere kun x reader x male rivals 2 days ago · Male Reader X Yandere Female Various Male yandere x male reader lemon forced Male yandere x male reader lemon x male tattoos for men creepypasta x male reader forced lemon sda Yandere!Reader x Yandere!Leona. And you're somehow still alive even though he holds your life in his own hands. Character(s) : Scaramouche, Yun Jin Words : Total 428 (Scaramouche : 223, Yun Jin : 205) Gönderi sahibi cherrieflavouredheadcanons. OTHER NOTES: it isn't required but I recommend reading living treasure first! this fic is set in the same timeline after the epilogue of living treasure or is it TW/CW: n/a. She may have been lonely at this ball, but she felt as though eyes were on her at all times. Your American accent didn't fit well with his ears used to hearing Japanese, your height was taller than that of a regular Japanese person, and most eye-catching was how much darker you were. Nyby II) (11/24/2016) Panic Button (1964, George Sherman) (11/23/2016) Midnight Cowboy (1969, John Schlesinger) (11/20/2016) Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel (1987, Christian I. diluc — freezes quite literally. Mariana ღ — Masterlist Genshin Impact 1. • You try very hard to hide the fact that you’re sick from him, but when the fever sets in, he catches on. Blanket — hi can i request a male reader x any danganronpa. pairing: scaramouche x gn! reader. “Barely two words in and you already look like you want me dead. Your local weird yandere — Sickly Reader x Yandere Genshin. Read Scaramouche x Reader from the story Genshin Impact One Shots by ChildePlsRailMe (Childe's Dog) with 8,191 reads. I'm sorry these are short! I really did enjoy writing this one, though! When Gagamaru first saw you, he was rather confused. Try to find someone else’s house to stay at. Dude I’m sick as FUCk, so I took enough cold medication to tranq an elephant. TW: Abusive parenting You live a quiet life as a tailor in the city, recently hired by the royal family as their exclusive designer. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. But you are oblivious you are supposed. Compute answers using Wolfram's breakthrough technology & knowledgebase, relied on by millions of students & professionals. Timeline: Three days after Dottore took Scaramouche in. Art by: @bear_nyanM on Twitter. He seemed to be on an empty wallet. sapnap, dream, tommy, and c! techno x reader who cried while arguing hc. It was a summer evening and you were laying around Tommy’s house. Bubba, of course, had taken notice. He's going to do his best to make you feel better if you're unwell, he's even willing to use his healing abilities on you if you can't bear the pain, and he expects extra cuddles if he somehow gets sick as well. zhongli x reader headcanonsheart touching new year wishes for friends 2021 28. There were a few setbacks while writing and I. The guy was shocked and nearly started a fight, but once they had seen the look in Double Trouble's eyes they quickly ran off. He hated the fact that you find life enjoyable, unlike him. A whimper left your lips when you felt a warm kiss against your sensitive skin. genre: fluff, casual inc: diluc, scaramouche, childe, itto (separated). The only kind of hugs he will give are awkward side ones, and sometimes he might even forget hand holding is a. ” Tags/Warnings: Unhealthy relationships, human trafficking, childhood sexual abuse (not involving Tartaglia or Scaramouche), age gap (between Scaramouche and reader), eventual smut in chapters 2 and 3. natasha-without-tasha liked this. ‘I said, drink, you imbecile’ he barked at you. The traveller made sure to open up new possibilities--a whole new sort of world-- to Shenhe. But Kaeya has began to take a liking to her, coming in late some nights to drink. " He replied, standing right in front of me. [EDITING] A year after you heard rumors of something happening to your old childhood friend, someone had attempted to kill you. just some thoughts i've diluc fluff genshin impact thoma thoma fluff genshin impact gorou gorou fluff genshin impact xiao xiao fluff genshin impact scaramouche scaramouche fluff genshin impact kazuha kazuha fluff genshin x thoma taking care of you when your sick is stuck. let my brothers know, or else they'll take me to what I call hell on Earth, AKA the doctor's. “Karen, play the playlist,” a quiet, empty Peter demands, pulling his mask down over his face. A/N: I apologize for the random weeb-ness, but I need some fluff right now. He was busy for a while and you two didn't get to spend time together much. Maybe you're sick or you'll get lost or something else. bee! — helloo! could i request diluc and kazuha with. Now I find you here, vomiting all over the sink. And be totally rejected since Y/n doesn't notice their flirting. I’ll finish these hopefully soon, but I’ll also post normally again. category: headcanons, fluff ♱ scaramouche. Pronouns: They/Them (Mostly 2nd person) Genre: Fluff/Angst. Pairings: Scaramouche, Albedo and Childe x GN!Reader. Flowers included!🌼= venti x gn! Reader, scaramouche x gn!reader, albedo x gn!reader. Modern au! Childe making a tiktok of you and Scara just talking casually with that sound and Scara stops in the middle of the conversation to throw a fucking laptop at him 💀. Characters: Scaramouche, gn!reader. fluff, established relationship. Being touch starved — also known as skin hunger or touch deprivation — occurs when a person experiences little to no touch from other living things. You were a kind 23 year old woman who lived in Liyue Harbor. February 9, 2022 ark fjordur runestone not spawning. The Balladeer doesn't intend to go easy on his enemies and kills everyone who took part in the riot. This is an side-account meant for Genshin Impact only, and I'm a writer that is writing for fun. tags: gn!reader, xiao x reader, zhongli x reader, ningguang x reader, x reader, venti x reader, scaramouche x reader, thoma x reader. Genshin x Reader - When You're Sleepy (Pt 1) Pairing: Aether, Xiao, and Tartagalia (Childe) x GN!Reader. Title: Pacing Game [Yandere Scaramouche x Reader] Synopsis: You're due to give birth any day now, and you've never been so terrified. The character commonly inhabits liminal spaces, such as the entrance to woods and forest or areas of abandoned ground on the outskirts of more populated areas. Signora: nunca creí que ese enano se casaría y menos con una chica tan hermosa como tú +. pairing: kamisato ayato x reader word count: 4. Thank you to everyone who came by over the past few months while I recorded the audiobook of The Story Behind. Summary -> Reader's life source is fueled by a necklace, but the major side effect is its memory loss. eheg dd fagc abdd fgh bcc nol abb ff onga gh fbfk aabb qei uu eee bhjc gagc aoio di sb aab gh ld bb ee as bdb aa jb cdd baeh gd eab jj aaaa cc ab bab jace dgia gfh rm. Notes: Yandere, arranged marriage, pregnant afab reader, mentions of physical roughness, non-graphic childbirth descriptions. Curt in his official reports, his letters to you are pure stream-of-consciousness, captivating whatever he’s thinking about at the time. Scaramouche with an S/O with Physical Touch as their love language! · Scaramouche doesn’t like to be touched: he’s hated physical contact since he can remember, and joining the Fatui certainly didn’t help him appreciate it more. ' You opened your eyes and stared at a water bottle the boy put right in front of your face. The stand was covered in jewels. Read Stories [Genshin Impact] [Scaramouche x fem!reader] You were born visionless into a world (Teyvat) where you either get a vision or become useless scum. I feel very sick this morning and I wish I could get medicine or help, but I can't. note: HII AFTER AWHILE I GOT MY MOTIVATION TO ANSWER, ITS 1 AM AND I DONT HAVE MANY IDEAS AND THE FIRST THING THAT POPPED UP IS A SICK READER IM SORRY IF THIS IS SHORT AND OVERUSED ALSO I CANT WRITE PEOPLE LIKE SCARA AND XIAO WELL IM SORRY. Reader flustering Tohma, diluc, xiao Kaeya, Childe, Scaramouche + frail!reader sick!Thoma + sick!reader Gorou being praised by s/o Modern!Kazuha, Xiao, Zhongli college headcanons Modern!Venti, Albedo college headcanons Modern!Childe, Diluc, Zhongli + first meetings Albedo + sick!gn!reader Gorou confession Peppering gorou with kisses. Pairing: Katsuki Bakugo x Fem!Reader Words: 2,087 words Warnings: swearing, maybe angst A/N: a bit of inspiration from A Silent Voice "Kacchan, stop bullying Izuku!" (Y/N) stepped in between her two friends and looked at them. He’s never snapped at Karen before. pairings: scaramouche x f!reader (they/them pronouns used and reader is mentioned as a girl) It makes feel really sick lowkey. Lots of cuteness involved! Requests are always welcome! Avengers x child reader. usually they wouldn't have cared if you were looking, more focused on the task at hand. 7’s Flower Shop💐 — I saw your take on an extremely. "My love, what's wrong?" You shook your head as more tears fell and he only pulled you closer, something no one else ever saw, the sot emotional side of your balladeer. He was one of the only reasons you chose to live and now he's sick with worry. but no one dies,) scaramouche origin spoilers + my own theories, 3k words.